Looking Glass Factory turns any photo into a 3D hologram

Last month, startup Looking Glass Factory launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its personal holographic portrait displays. Now the developers are announcing the launch of a new cloud service that is able to add a third dimension to any two-dimensional images, turning them into holograms.

The service uses proprietary machine learning technology to create a detailed 3D map of an ordinary photograph, and then generates many images at different angles, which are necessary to obtain a hologram.

According to the developers, it doesn't matter what device the original photo was taken with - it can be a top-end DSLR camera or a regular smartphone. It can even be a digital scan of an old physical photograph or a drawing from a book. The only caveat is that to display the hologram itself, you still need a special device like Portrait or the like.

There is a month left until the end of the fundraising campaign for the production of Portrait, and the service will be launched this spring. Transforming photos with it will take only a few seconds and does not require any special knowledge. The service price will be $ 20 for 100 conversions.