Arcadia Power project will help reduce energy costs by 30%

Every owner of a household, retail outlet or small business wants to reduce electricity bills. But they do not have the funds for the initial investment in revolutionary projects. And innovators in the field of green energy have difficulties with the integration of their projects into the energy system of the region, with the search for consumers and administration. Project "Arcadia Power" is designed to solve these problems, to begin with - in the United States.

The authors of the project position themselves as a platform for mediation between consumers of electricity, its producers and optimizers. For example, there are only a few people in the house who want to install a new generation compact wind turbine, but their total budget will not cover the costs. With the help of Arcadia Power, they will be able to find like-minded people in the neighborhood and find contractors for laying communications - the company will sell a wind turbine, people will receive cheap energy, plus standards and regulations will be observed.

The second area of ​​work is financial. You can invest your funds in new projects in the field of green energy, participate in the promotion of initiatives, influence the formation of prices and general policy in this area. The voice of one enthusiast, even supported by facts, will not be heard. It is much more difficult to ignore the collective opinion expressed on public platforms, besides there is an advertising factor - many people simply do not know about interesting innovations in this area.

Of course, all this is not free, and the project makes money on mediation. On the other hand, the current project participants over the past year have reduced their electricity costs by an average of 30%. The future belongs to those who take the initiative!