Techno-bracer Wrist Rack - the perfect solution to the problem of "hands free"

Wrist Rack has launched an unusual "hands-free" mount for smartphones on Kickstarter, which literally frees the hands of their owners. This is a designer leather bracelet that allows you to attach your phone directly to your wrist. By freeing the user's hands and making the smartphone easily accessible, Wrist Rack gives the familiar gadget new possibilities.

Here is a far from complete list:

  • 1. The bracer allows you to control drones and other wireless gadgets;
  • 2. Already used by journalists to record interviews (of course, the recording is kept by a fixed smartphone);
  • 3. Gives cyclists and motorcyclists convenient access to the smartphone and its applications while riding;
  • 4. Allows you to play mobile games (Fallout Shelter is an obvious first candidate. It is in this game that the device that became the progenitor of the Wrist Rack first appears);
  • 5. Allows you to control presentations and functions as a laser pointer.

The Wrist Rack is available in three sizes, and its clasps allow you to attach the bracelet to any wrist. There are also several secret pockets between the wristband and the smartphone mount. They can hold business cards, money and credit cards. All bracers are handcrafted in North America.

Wrist Rack currently supports the following phone models and form factors:

  • iPhone 5, 5S, SE, 6, 6+, 7, 7+;
  • LG G4;
  • Samsung S4, S5, S6, S7, S7 Edge, S8.

The company is constantly working on expanding the lineup and now the following smartphones are in line: Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung S8 +, Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5, G6, V20, Sony Xperia Z3, Moto Z.

The first bracers will go to their new owners this June and will be available in three varieties: Brown Leather, Black Leather and Steampunk - a special model with a distinctive design. The retail price of the bracelets will be about 1200 rubles.