The Japanese invented a gadget that generates odors

Japanese scientists have demonstrated their new invention, seeing which one wants to exclaim: "What technology has come to!" The Japanese have released a special attachment for smartphones that is capable of generating odors.

An unusual gadget, developed by the Japanese company Scentee, is a small round nozzle that will "teach" modern devices to transmit aromas. It connects to your mobile device via a 3.5mm audio jack and generates up to 100 charges of various scents. True, for this you need to purchase special replaceable cartridges with different flavors, the cost is about $ 5.

As noted by the developers, the user can independently customize the work of Scentee. So, he can set certain smells for incoming calls, messages and reminders and "transmit" smells to friends who also have a nozzle. You can also sync the gadget with the social network Facebook so that it exudes a pleasant scent whenever your photo or message is rated positively.

Sales of the unique Scentee attachment will start in November this year. Its suggested retail price is around $ 35.