The most expensive phones in the world

When it comes to buying a new phone, most of us try to stay within our allocated budget. However, there are such gadgets, the "budget" of which can only afford oil tycoons or gold miners. What are the most expensive phones in the world?

The list of the most expensive phones is led by iPhones modified by Liverpool designer and jeweler Stuart Hughes, who spares no fancy, gold and diamonds for their decoration.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Black Diamond was created in 2013 on the basis of the iPhone 5 and until today is unmatched in price. The gadget got its name because of a very rare 26-carat black diamond that adorned the control button (Home).

The body of the smartphone is made of pure gold (135 g) and inlaid (along the edges) with six hundred white diamonds, another 53 went to the manufacturer's logo (Apple).

Instead of the traditional Gorilla Glass front panel, a sapphire crystal is used, at a price 10 times higher than that of the original.

The Black Diamond was made by order of an anonymous Chinese businessman, who, by the way, provided the unique diamond. According to expert estimates, the phone cost him $ 15.3 million, which would be enough to purchase 14, 000 regular iPhones.

iPhone 3G Royal Button

Kings Button appeared at the end of 2008 thanks to the Austrian jeweler Peter Alluson, who made a magnificent diamond (6, 6 carats) in a placer of 138 diamonds with the “hobbyhorse” of iPhone 3G. The button turned out to be really "royal". In this case, yellow gold was used, as well as pink and white.

The cost of the smartphone was $ 2, 400, 000.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond Crypto Smartphone is also the brainchild of Alloyson, which was born in 2006. The panel is made of platinum (950 standard), the case is inlaid with 50 white and 10 blue diamonds, and the sides of the smartphone are made of ebony wood. The cost was $ 1, 300, 000.

The name of the phone comes from the manufacturer's brand - the Russian company Ancort, which develops cryptosystems.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

The iPhone 4 served as the base for the Diamond Rose Edition. The model was created in 2010 in 2 copies for the Australian tycoon Tony Sage, its cost is estimated at $ 8, 000, 000. It was the first "diamond" iPhone included in the Guinness Book of Records in the category "Most Expensive Phones".

Hughes chose pink gold as the material for the back panel, and used half a thousand perfect diamonds with a total weight of 100 carats for finishing. Another 53 diamonds were used to decorate the Apple logo.

The navigation button is made of platinum, which can be decorated with

used a very rare and hard-to-reach crystal in 7, 4 cards (the possibility of replacing with 8-carat is provided).

For storing the phone, there is a 7-kg case made of pink granite, trimmed with nubuck on the inside.

iPhone 3G Superior

The iPhone 3GS Supreme, manufactured by Stuart Hughes in 2009, is not the last in the ranking of "The Most Expensive Phones in the World". At that time, it had no competitors in terms of cost, hence the name Supreme. Its owner was an Australian gold miner who wished to remain anonymous, who paid $ 3, 200, 000.

For the manufacture of an elite smartphone, pure gold with a total weight of 271 g was used, as well as 136 pale blue diamonds. Traditionally, 53 one-carat precious stones were used to decorate the brand logo. The control button is adorned with a 7, 1 ct diamond.

The "case" for the phone is a 7-kg box made of a solid block of the famous Indian granite Kashmir gold, decorated with gold and trimmed with nubuck leather inside.

It is too early to put a full stop over i

Obviously, the point over і will never be put, the now restless Stewart Hughes took up the "tuning" of the iPhone 6 and soon the world will be presented with a new masterpiece.