A flavoring fork designed for real gourmets

“What technology has come to” - this is the phrase you want to exclaim when you learn about the existence of a unique fork that can add unusual flavors to a dish. Its developer is the Canadian company MOLECULE-R Flavors.

The smart plug can flavor your food. For this, a special cartridge with fragrances and a microcontroller are used. And so that the aromatic liquid does not get directly onto the food, a paper filter is built into the structure.

More than 20 different scents will be available to the buyer. Among them are the aromas of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, almonds, exotic fruits, basil, chewing gum, olive oil, cinnamon, wasabi, ginger and even a haze.

According to the developers, the aromatic fork is a tool for deep knowledge of taste and limitless experimentation.

The cost of a unique gadget is 57 US dollars. For this money, the buyer will receive 4 forks, 21 perfume bottles and 50 replaceable paper filters.