Vaqso module will add a "zombie smell" to computer games

A person has at least five organs of perception of the environment and can feel the fullness of the world only by using the maximum of them. This should be true for virtual reality as well, so developers are constantly trying to add new sensor modules to headsets. One of the latest innovations in this area is the Vaqso scent synthesizer.

The device is best known for its zombie-smelling ability for themed games, although it remains to be seen if gamers want to smell it. However, they will have no choice, because the Vaqso module is attached over a typical VR headset, connects to it via Bluetooth or micro-USB and synchronizes with the running application. When a collision with a zombie occurs in the game, the module receives a signal and releases a dose of the aroma mixture.

The installed unit has five slots, where you can load one cartridge with 15 fragrances available today. In addition to "zombies", there is the smell of flame, ocean waves, fried chicken, curry, wood, chocolate, gas, flowers, caramel, thicket, earth, coffee, mint and "woman". This is probably some kind of perfume, but if you have the money, they will create cartridges for you for $ 3000 with any desired scent.

It is worth considering that a fully charged Vaqso VR accessory weighs 125 grams, and this may affect the feel of the headset on the head. The cost of the basic kit - a module, plus 5 cartridges - is $ 999, cartridges are purchased separately at $ 70 per item. All software, including the developer API, is provided free of charge.