Users sold out odor-generating nozzles before the start of sales

In October, the Japanese company presented an interesting gadget, Scentee, capable of generating odors. The novelty interested buyers so much that in just a few days they sold out the entire first batch of the unique nozzle even before the official sales began.

According to the head of the press service of Chaku Perfume, users have bought several thousand copies of the odor-generating nozzle on pre-orders. Moreover, only devices that generated food smells were available - Korean-style beef, fried meat and boiled potatoes with butter.

The start of Scentee sales was scheduled for November 15 of this year, but the novelty will reach stores only in December of this year. At the same time, replaceable cartridges with floral fragrances will be on sale. The manufacturer noted that the popularity of the gadget exceeded all expectations.

As a reminder, the Scentee is an attachment that connects to a mobile device via a standard 3.5mm audio jack. It can generate up to 100 charges of various scents.