Panasonic has developed a hanger that treats clothes with charged nanoparticles

An unusual device called Deodorant Hanger MS was developed by specialists from Panasonic. It is a hanger that deodorizes shirts and jackets using "atomized" nanoscale negatively charged particles.

The creators of the wonderful hanger have achieved that the clothes get rid of unpleasant odors in 5 hours. They have been particularly successful in eliminating the odors of smoke, sweat, and roasted meat.

Deodorant Hanger MS uses Panasonic's proprietary nanoparticle technology - nanoe. These particles are invisible to the human eye and have already found applications in hair dryers.

The device can operate both on a home network and on batteries. The regular mode removes odors for 5 hours, while the special 7 hour mode removes more complex odors such as pollen.

To start processing clothes, just hang them on a hanger and press a button. The cost of the miracle hanger is about $ 180 or 20, 000 yen. So far, it is only available to residents of Japan.