Designed to resemble Skywalker's sword

The lightsaber of Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker seems to be becoming a reality. US Air Force specialists worked with Energetic Materials & Products to develop a portable device for cutting locks and steel objects up to an inch and a half thick.

According to one of the project leaders, chemist Stephanie Johnson, the latest advances in chemistry and physics were used in the development of Tec Torch. The dimensions of the device, somewhat reminiscent of a "fire" - 33 cm in length, about 4 cm in diameter and weighs 450 grams.

Tec Torch in action

Inside the cartridge there is a thermite-containing mixture, which, when burning, creates a temperature of over 2200 ° C. In this case, combustion products erupt outward under pressure through a special nozzle for 2 seconds, instantly burning any metal.

Initially, the "torch" was developed for the special services, but today we are already talking about its "peaceful" use, in particular, by divers or rescue specialists working in a natural disaster zone.