FedEx develops smart glasses to help pilots in emergencies

In addition to the high psychological stress that pilots experience during normal flights, they sometimes find themselves in extreme, life-threatening situations. One of them is cabin smoke.

FedEx, a world leader in logistics, mail and courier services, is working with the Osterhout Design Group, known for its augmented reality technologies, to create a hybrid system consisting of SAVED (Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display) smart glasses and an oxygen mask. Data from external cameras of the aircraft will be projected onto these glasses, which will allow pilots to act confidently in emergency situations when the cockpit is smoke-filled.

According to representatives of the Osterhout Design Group, the new system is easy to install and operate. Usually, smart glasses are very bulky, but when combined with an oxygen mask, they look quite compact.

It is not surprising that the first (and so far the only) customer of the system was FedEx itself. It has long used SAVED smart glasses for pilot training. It is possible that other companies involved in the field of courier, postal services and air transportation will use this system, which will help to avoid disasters.