Panasonic has developed an invisible TV

At first glance, this ordinary transparent glass instantly turns into a television screen by pressing a button on the remote control or with a wave of the hand. Panasonic unveiled an improved version of the transparent TV after its presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show, making it virtually invisible.

The whole secret is that the company's specialists have replaced the screen made using LCD technology (on an LCD matrix) with an OLED screen based on organic light-emitting diodes, which, when turned off, looks like ordinary transparent glass.

Whereas LED displays used external backlighting, the new OLED panel uses self-luminous pixels. The innovative system was first demonstrated at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in January this year. Since then, Panasonic specialists have carried out work to improve the image quality, bringing it to the level of the best models of the company's TVs.

To showcase the improved model, the company installed an OLED screen in glass sliding doors at the entrance to a large entertainment center.