Xiaomi introduced a laser projector available to the mass user

The compact, home device delivers cinematic picture quality, not just in words. The laser beam builds a virtual display using ALPD 3.0 technology, which is used in most commercial cinemas in China. With the dimensions of the projector itself 410 × 292 × 87 mm, it can be placed 50 cm from the wall to get a screen with a diagonal of 150 inches.

The model called Xiaomi Mi Projector has a maximum brightness of 5000 lumens with a static contrast ratio of 3000: 1. In addition to the integrated speaker, there are three HDMI ports, one USB 3.0 port, a network port and an optical audio output. The declared service life is impressive - 25 thousand hours without repair or replacement of the lens, which is identical to 17 years of service for 4 hours a day.

The main, but also the only drawback of the novelty is in the maximum supported resolution - just 1080p. However, Xiaomi considered that it was much more important to provide an acceptable price for consumers and froze the price at $ 1, 500. Thus, guaranteeing interest from a wide range of clients and the prospect of a successful entry into the world market.

Sales of Xiaomi Mi Projector in China itself will start on July 4, there is no exact information on sales abroad yet.