Energy from wood burning: the updated CampStove thermogenerator

Even seven years after the release of the first version of their travel gadget, BioLite does not prefer coal, fuel oil or dung, but exclusively firewood as an environmentally friendly, safe and affordable type of fuel. In all other respects, the CampStove 2 model is strikingly different from its predecessor.

The most important innovation is that a battery was added to the thermogenerator to store the energy extracted from the fire. Its capacity is depressingly modest, 2600 mAh, but the power output of the entire system has increased to 3 W. That is, the conditions for recharging various camping equipment at a halt have become more comfortable, but on the way, you still need to plan in detail the consumption of battery power.

Why BioLite was stingy to install the battery 2-3 times more? Probably, they sharply wanted to fit the entire structure into the old, familiar weight and size frames. Despite the appearance of a massive battery, the CampStove 2's weight remains the same at 935 grams. In a harsh multi-day hike, this is important. Plus the same price tag, $ 130, targeting your usual consumer audience.

If energy can be stored, then a process control mechanism is needed. It is presented in the form of LED-indication, which displays the heat level, the current power of the system and the speed of the fans. The number of modes has increased from 2 to 4, for precise control of interaction with the dangerous elements of fire.

CampStove is compatible with most smart travel gadgets and is available for purchase from the manufacturer's online store.