States declared ISIS cyber war

Pentagon chief Ashton Carter announced the beginning of a cyber war against ISIS, ordering the cyber command to begin active operations against terrorists.

Cyber ​​Command was formed in 2009 with the aim of conducting special cyber operations and protecting US computer networks. It brings together the best IT specialists who can seriously complicate the virtual life of a terrorist state.

The main task of the new structure of the Pentagon in the fight against ISIS will be the violation of communication systems, the security of its data and financial structures. Cyber ​​Command's arsenal includes the entire set of modern means of cyber warfare - propaganda, access blocking, massive hacker attacks, seizing control over computers, and disabling infrastructure facilities.

The fighters of the invisible front will not have to travel to the Middle East. Their "trenches" are thousands of miles from the blazing region at Fort Mead, Maryland. As today's reality shows, such support to combat units can be more effective than artillery and air strikes.