Pokemon GO game will reward gamers for good sleep

At a recent press conference, Niantic talked a lot about the importance of their chosen mission. With the release of Pokemon GO, thousands of people took to the streets and parks and began to “use their feet, ” as ironically noted on the Internet. This led to a number of curiosities, problems and the need for reforms, so when developing a new version of the game, it was decided to pay attention to one more aspect - namely, sleep.

If the game provokes the player to move around in the real world, to engage in physical activity that is not characteristic of him, then you need to take care of rest. This is beneficial for the game makers themselves - a rested gamer has more energy and motivation to continue to participate in the game and earn victory points. The new Pokemon GO + Plus gaming device will have an integrated accelerometer and sensors that can track the player's rest periods.

This is not a misprint, the name of the gadget contains both the “+” symbol and the word “Plus”, which should indicate its advanced functionality. But what is included in it is not yet clear. On the other hand, the released press release mentions a new project "Pokemon Sleep", which is being created in cooperation with the SELECT BUTTON studio. It is positioned as a standalone game, for which a logo has already been created and a release date has been determined - 2020.