New "anti-hacker" MORPHEUS chip prevents attacks even before they start

The University of Michigan has developed the architecture of a new chip that is fundamentally impossible to crack. The authors of the development proceeded from the idea that in order to prepare an attack, hackers need at least basic information about the system design. But what can they do if it is constantly changing?

The MORPHEUS chip works with the most common, widespread software, in which vulnerabilities are likely or will appear over time. But that doesn't matter, because the chip is rewriting its own structure at a rate of 20 times per second. It rearranges some arbitrary bits and encrypts others, continuously changing its code, but keeping it working.

In fact, such a structure has no vulnerabilities - the dynamic protection processes are specially calibrated so that with the help of existing hacking tools, there is simply not enough time for an attack. Any vulnerability "disappears", disappears from the area of ​​influence in an average of 50 milliseconds. In other words, hackers can see a chance to break into the system, but they never have time to take advantage of it.