ExoLung provides divers with endless supply of air

Inventor Jörg Tragashning presented a prototype of an ultralight breathing apparatus for scuba diving, which has an infinite working life, since it does not depend on external energy sources. It works exclusively on the muscular strength of the swimmer himself, without creating a serious additional load. It is a compact, cheap and simple tool for exploring the underwater kingdom.

The ExoLung is based on the well-known principle of autonomous surface air supply, when a hose is supplied to the swimmer's breathing mask, the other end of which is attached to a small buoy. It serves as an air intake and a kind of anchor, it limits the movement of a person to the length of the hose and has a bright color to signal the location of the diver. And since the buoy is floating, the swimmer can easily move it along the body of water.

The peculiarity of the ExoLung is that there is an intermediate air bag where air is pumped from the buoy. This is due to the movement of a simple diaphragm, which is attached with straps to the legs - when the swimmer flexes and straightens them for movement, he simultaneously pumps air into the bag. There are no sources of energy here. ExoLung works while the person is moving. In case he gets tired, the length of the hose is limited to 5 meters, so that there is enough strength to rise to the surface.

The developer claims that to use the ExoLung, it is enough to complete a basic scuba diving course. The device weighs only 3.5 kg, its dimensions are 40x30x20 cm, which allows you to carry it with you in a backpack "just in case" to explore coastal zones and inland waters while traveling. Until the device is ready for sale, its developer is looking for partners to start production. The price will range from $ 330 to $ 500, depending on the configuration and the availability of reinforced modules.