Xiaomi has released a giant and fully transparent TV

In honor of its tenth anniversary, the Chinese company Xiaomi has released a bright, attention-grabbing novelty - a huge monitor with a completely transparent screen. Called Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition, it is positioned as an exclusive product only for the Chinese market and serves as a demonstration of the brand's achievements. But there is one very controversial point.

The secret of the transparency of the monitor is in two factors. Firstly, all the electronic filling, all the operating elements are concentrated in an opaque base-stand. Secondly, instead of OLED technology, its modification TOLED is used here, which is distinguished by the use of optically transparent cathodes. Due to this, the glass structure of the screen has no light reflecting elements and visually it looks transparent. In fact, the level of transparency is 70% and higher.

Monitor diagonal 55 inches, refresh rate 120 Hz, response time 1 ms, contrast ratio 150, 000: 1 and 93% of the color profile DCI-P3. In theory, this is a universal monitor that can be used as a PC display or TV. In practice, a reasonable question immediately arises: how to work with the same desktop if the icons are translucent and the background is not visible? It's the same with computer games - how to navigate the 3D world if half of the image of the dark corridors shines through?

Xiaomi has not yet specified where to get content and software for a transparent TV. The cost of one monitor is 49, 999 yuan ($ 7200), orders began to be accepted from August 16, the new product will be sold exclusively in China.