LeaderTask - organizer for those who value their time

One of the main components of success in business, study and everyday life is competent task planning. If we allow confusion in this matter, then soon such a mistake will come back to haunt the failure of an important project, which, you see, I would not like to allow. That is why everyone should pay attention to the correct formulation and distribution of affairs for the day, week and even year ahead. Today we will talk about a program that allows you to do this in one click - LeaderTask. You can download the application from the official website.

The program is, as the creators say, an organizer for the manager. It is possible that the concept of "manager" means not only the top management of companies, but also each of us. Indeed, in fact, we are all leaders of our personal activities, which means that we definitely need such an assistant.

LeaderTask allows you to correctly set tasks and monitor their progress. In addition, in each of the tasks, users can communicate in a separately created chat. Thus, employees can not only solve the assigned tasks, but also report on their implementation in the course of work.

To separate tasks from each other, the program provides color solutions. For example, one of the tasks is urgent, and the director can highlight it in red. If a company has a goal to implement a global project, then in LeaderTask this can be done using subtasks.

Proper project structuring is the key to its success. That is why the organizer provides for setting the timing of its decision, up to the hour parameter. Thus, the user will not only determine the duration of solving a particular task, but will also be able to distribute his working day by hours.

In the interface, the developers were able to surprise us with the implementation of such an important intuitive use, while still maintaining a minimalistic design milestone. For this, a separate respect!

To summarize, I would like to share my own experience of use. When writing this review, we tested LeaderTask, being wild time management skeptics. However, the application really turned our understanding of this concept upside down. You can try the program in action by downloading it for free from the official LeaderTask website.