IKEA starts developing robotic furniture of the future

People in the 21st century will continue to replenish megacities, which will naturally lead to a decrease in living space with a simultaneous rise in price. With this in mind, Ikea has embarked on the development of robotic furniture that will help make the most efficient use of available space. Moreover, depending on the operating conditions, the new furniture complex "Rognan" can add to the apartment as much as 8 sq.m. useful space for storing things or doing different things.

The Rognan complex is designed as a multifunctional furniture wall with its own movement system, which does not require floor guides. Furniture is moved in a given area to zone the room, allowing access to various compartments and shaping the desired type of room. For example, in one case it can be a spacious living room, and if the robotic furniture moves to the wall, you get a closed, cozy sleeping compartment.

The Rognan complex has a double bed, a workstation, storage cupboards, a wardrobe, a multimedia unit, a bookshelf and a sofa. Unlike previous solutions, the user does not need to move heavy sections manually, it is enough to give a command using the touch panel. The robotic elements move on their own, and it only takes a few seconds to split a room in two or slide a bed out of the compartment.

“Instead of making the furniture smaller, we are transforming the furniture itself with the function you need now, ” explains Ikea. With rational use, the robotic furniture allows you to equip an additional 8 sq.m. space, as if a door to another room appeared in an existing room. The novelty is primarily intended for the superpopulated markets of Japan and Hong Kong, where it will be sold from 2020.