Edible QR codes provide personalized treatment for every person

A significant disadvantage of modern drugs is that they are designed for an abstract average patient. That is, we are talking about millions of people of different ages, with different physiological characteristics, using the same pills. It is not surprising that the effect of their use is completely different for everyone: they help someone, on the contrary, harm someone.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, together with colleagues from the Abo Academic University (Finland), are convinced that the future belongs to targeted, individualized treatment. The tablets they have developed consist of an "edible" substrate with a QR code printed on it.

To print the code, a conventional inkjet printer was used with inks consisting of lactic acid, ethanol and food dyes. The substrate also consists of completely edible fumed silica, glycerin, and methyloxypropyl cellulose.

In accordance with this technology, doctors will enter into the QR code all the necessary information about a particular patient, for example, his name, drug dosage, serial number, instructions for use.

"Targeted" tablets will help doctors control the intake of drugs, the QR code of which was scanned by the patient using a smartphone before use.