The smallest television antenna in the world is created in Mexico

The Mexican University of Morelos has developed the world's smallest television antenna, which is not inferior in signal reception quality to its full-size counterparts. It looks like a compact rectangle measuring 11 x 6.5 x 0.6 cm and weighs only 12 grams. When coated, the weight increases to 80 grams.

The antenna can be mounted on the roof without a traditional mast. It is unpretentious to weather conditions, can function even at low temperatures and does not require electricity. A room version is also possible without the need for fixing in a specific place. With a signal splitter, multiple TVs can be connected to the antenna.

According to the project manager Margarita Tespoiotl, the idea of ​​creating a small antenna arose with the advent of new materials and technologies available. For the first time, the mini-antenna was tested in California, where it provided reception of 70 digital channels, and in Mexico City - 28.