Norway's Snohetta begins building Europe's first underwater restaurant

Hydrobiologists, engineers and restaurateurs have teamed up to create a unique facility at the southernmost point of Norway. It will be called "Under" and most of the structure will be located at a depth of 5 meters under the water. Panoramic windows of the restaurant will coexist with man-made underwater beds and advanced hydrotechnical research instruments.

The goal is simple but ambitious: to create a place where scientists and engineers can work on underwater projects, and the public can see their achievements firsthand. Unusual technology will attract customers, restaurant income will help fund research. The project will be carried out by the company Snøhetta, which is entrusted with the construction of the world's first ship tunnel under the cliff.

To counteract the water element, the main hall of the restaurant will receive 1m thick concrete walls and durable acrylic windows. It will be heated by an “underwater heat pump”, and stable conditions on the seabed near the site will allow for plantations of molluscs, corals and algae. Some of them will be included in the restaurant menu, and acoustic traps will lure wild fish to the windows to entertain guests.

The underwater restaurant is expected to seat up to 100 people, its kitchen will be built entirely on local seafood, and Danish chef Nikolai Elitzgaard Pedersen will be in charge of it. Construction of "Under" will begin in February 2018, and it is planned to open it in a year. It will be the first underwater restaurant in Europe.