Microsoft claims leadership in gaming streaming with new Project xCloud

Microsoft has officially announced the imminent launch of Project xCloud, a powerful streaming service for gamers. Following its competitors, the IT giant wants to lure the players to itself by transferring all the computational work of heavyweight applications to remote servers, and providing the user with a ready-made video stream. The concept is clear, but what exactly does Microsoft want to do to ensure the success of the project?

According to experts, the situation in this area is such that it will be enough for a company to simply present a working, problem-free service to the public. Because all other projects are still going through the stage of "childhood illnesses", while Microsoft already has the basic technology. This is primarily about streaming game data from a console to a PC or tablet running Windows 10. It was once a grand experiment that enriched developers with a huge store of knowledge about encoding and decoding video when streaming.

Microsoft also has Azure Cloud, a huge network of datacenters in a convenient geographic location. One of the problem areas of streaming gaming services is data exchange speed, high pings and constant lags. Microsoft, on the other hand, has the ability to redirect user data to the server closest to him, in the most literal sense. And so far, there are no serious complaints about the work of the Azure Cloud.

The third and probably the most powerful argument is the company's control over the Xbox gaming platform. If other projects created a universal infrastructure compatible with all games, then Microsoft just need to create a rigid binding of one of its offspring to another. This will make the latest hits like Halo: Infinite available even to owners of budget laptops - fast enough internet connection. The global launch of the project is scheduled for 2019.