US faces major invasion of super live hybrid pigs

A year ago, Willie McNabb invaded a Twitter squabble about the need for US residents to carry assault firearms with a shocking question. An American farmer asked: "How else can I stop 30-50 wild pigs from breaking into the yard where my little children are playing in three minutes?" Since then, things have only gotten worse, and experts predict what they call "the terror of wild pigs" across almost the entire country.

The situation with wild pigs in the United States is very similar to the stories of sheep, rabbits and cats in Australia and New Zealand. Humans brought in animals that have no natural enemies in the region, which has caused them to multiply and become a problem. Specifically, pigs were brought to the United States by fans of sport hunting, and at first no one was worried about anything. But over the past three decades, the population has grown incredibly and spread from 17 states to 39, and the situation is completely out of control.

In the state of Texas, it is enough to have a firearms license to safely shoot wild pigs in almost any quantity. They are inhabited by at least 1.5 million individuals and the authorities are allowed to use even inhuman traps and traps against them. But this does not help much, because the livestock of wild pigs is constantly replenished by domestic pigs that have escaped from farms. They actively mate with each other, which gives rise to the main problem - the appearance of hybrid pigs.

When wild pigs and purebred domestic pigs are crossed, the first generations of piglets are extremely tenacious, fertile, strong and resistant to disease. Over time, pigs without selection will begin to degenerate again, but right now, mutant hybrids, very effective in their destructive power, are running across the open spaces of the United States. And it's not even about the size or the presence of canines, which are removed for domestic piglets in advance, but about the unprecedented fertility. Imagine a pig with a thick skin and natural protective coloration, which leads a herd of fifty hungry relatives on a raid on a barn with grain, simultaneously ravaging the surrounding fields. Willie McNabb not in vain said that without an automatic rifle in such a situation it is impossible to cope.