Razer has released a special chewing gum for gamers

Bubble gum has joined the list of everyday things that are produced in a special "gaming" version. This is the handiwork of Razer, which launched the new Respawn by 5 gum. It claims to help gamers "maintain focus and responsiveness" while playing.

This is not Razer's first experiment with non-standard gaming products. Earlier this year, she released a stimulant drink, also called Respawn, which is designed to improve player concentration, decrease reaction times, and add mental stamina during long matches.

Launched in partnership with Mars Wrigley, Respawn by 5 Gum comes in three flavors to choose from: Mint, Tropical Punch, and Pomegranate Watermelon. According to the manufacturers, the gum was developed after extensive research that examined the daily routines, gaming session schedules, and dietary habits of casual and professional gamers.

Unlike most products aimed at players, Respawn by 5 is not caffeine-laden - it only contains green tea extract. Like any goods with the prefix "gaming", gum is much more expensive than conventional counterparts. A pack of 15 records will cost $ 3, and a block of 10 packs will cost $ 30.