Russian chemists create new types of fuel for the needs of the army

This was announced by Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov. The main developer of various types of "combat" fuel and fuels and lubricants is the State Research Institute of Chemotology. For information, chemotolia is a section of chemistry that studies the properties and quality of fuels and lubricants and their rational use.

In two very important areas, encouraging results have been achieved. In particular, a unique fuel has been developed for advanced combat hypersonic missiles. The fuel samples obtained as a result of many years of research are capable of providing speeds exceeding 5 mach. Aluminum nanoparticles were used as one of its components, which increased the energy consumption and fuel density by 20%.

Another equally outstanding success of chemical scientists was the creation of diesel fuel for the Arctic units of the Russian army, adapted to 65-degree frosts, which completely solves the problems with starting engines.

Among the unique promising developments of the Institute: synthetic oil, fuel for aircraft based on natural gas and new types of motor fuel from coal. Work on the creation of fuel and lubricants for new-generation cruise missiles is close to completion.