Transparent rockets clearly show how much fuel they burn

Modern space rockets consume enormous amounts of fuel. YouTuber Hazegrayart has edited a video that clearly shows the fuel consumption of four different rockets - Saturn 5, Shuttle, Falcon Heavy and the new Space Launch System (SLS).

In the video, different types of fuel are shown in different colors:

  • Red - Kerosene;
  • Orange - Liquid Hydrogen;
  • Blue - Liquid oxygen.

The most "voracious" was, not surprisingly, the most powerful of the missiles - Saturn-5. It was used by NASA from 1967 to 1973 to launch the Apollo missions. Saturn 5 burns an average of 2, 076, 500 kg of fuel per flight and can lift 140, 000 kg of cargo into low orbit - or send 48, 500 kg to the moon.

The shuttle uses a combination of liquid propellants and solid propellants to lift off the ground. It consumes an average of 1, 735, 600 kilograms of fuel.

The Falcon Heavy rocket has only been launched three times and requires an average of 411, 000 kg of fuel to lift 64, 000 kg of payload into orbit.

And finally, the new Space Launch System (SLS). She has never risen from the ground, but plans to use her to launch the Artemis mission, which should go to the moon in the coming years. Data on this rocket is difficult to find, but it is known that the 77-ton version will carry approximately 70, 000 kg of cargo and will be 10% more powerful than Saturn-5. The 143-ton version will already be able to lift 130, 000 kg of cargo and will surpass Saturn-5 in power by 20%.