Scientists are working on projects for aircraft with variable wing shape

The evolution of the wing is inseparable from the development of aviation. A glorious path passed from the first aircraft of the Wright brothers to the ultra-modern 5th generation fighters. Studying the structure of the wings of birds, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute, known for its research in the field of electronic nanosystems, came to the conclusion that not all the possibilities of the wing have been studied and in demand. So far, to date, the highest achievement is a wing with a variable geometry.

The Fraunhofer Institute project is part of a pan-European program to create new types of fuel-efficient aircraft. The emphasis is on improving the design of the wing, more and more reminiscent of the wing of a bird.

This does not mean at all that, for example, the next modification of the Boeing-747 will be covered with "nano-feathers". We are talking about wings, consisting of many sections, which, depending on the oncoming air flow, will take an optimal shape, as is the case with birds. In their work, the scientists decided to use morphing - a technique from digital animation, with the help of which one form can be transformed into another.

As a result of the research, a damper was developed made of special leather with a silicon coating and flexible elements made of elastomeric foam that can withstand temperatures up to-112 degrees. 4 prototypes of such dampers have already been created. Research is ongoing.