Bladeless wind turbines can generate electricity without rotating

Scientists continue to search for the most efficient way to generate wind power. The creators of an unusual startup from Spain suggested using shaking pillars as its source. As a result of the influence of the wind, they are set in motion, like many buildings.

Special magnets are installed in the turbines, which ensure the maximum vibrations of the poles, regardless of the strength of the wind. The vibration is then converted into electricity by means of a generator.

The resulting energy is 40% cheaper than that produced by "classic" windmills, since their blades are quite expensive to manufacture, and in the windmills themselves there are many moving parts. However, so far no one is going to abandon them, since they still produce 30% more energy in comparison with the "newbie".

Pillar-type wind turbines are much simpler in design and their design allows many more turbines to be installed in a certain space than vane generators. The 12.5 meter model is already ready for release and will go on sale next year. Serial production is expected to begin in three years.