The most powerful and destructive weapon in the world

Unfortunately, humanity is accustomed to destroying its own kind and therefore has invented a huge number of ways to kill itself. Let's try to remember the most destructive of them and talk about the most powerful weapon in the world.

In the first place on this list, of course, is the thermonuclear Tsar Bomb, created by Academician Sakharov and with which Khrushchev tried to intimidate America. By the way, successfully. For its tests shocked not only the Americans, but also the USSR, because no one expected such a scale. When tested on Novaya Zemlya, the blast wave circled the globe three times. It happened on January 16, 1963, and until now humanity has not come up with anything more terrifying.

Tsar-Bomba AN-602

Compared to Tsar Bomba, the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are just toys. However, it is worth noting that if no one was injured in the explosion of a Soviet thermonuclear bomb, the Americans killed several hundred people in August 1945 immediately at the time of the explosions, and in total about 140 thousand people died, including the effects of radiation.

In addition, there is also a neutron bomb, developed by the American scientist Samuel Cohen, which does not damage the infrastructure, but destroys only living objects.

Unfortunately, among the deadliest weapons, there is also chemical and biological. If the chemical was used back in the First World War, when Germany first used chlorine against enemy troops, and then mustard gas, now chemical weapons can almost instantly destroy several thousand people. Biological weapons are equally dangerous. Everyone remembers how the anthrax envelopes were sent out. But these were pinpoint strikes, and in the case of mass use, much more dire consequences are possible.

However, we are now talking about weapons that can be delivered using intercontinental missiles. Therefore, we need to figure it out. We are armed with the RS-20 "Voevoda" (Satana) ballistic missile. This missile has already hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most powerful intercontinental range missile.

R-36M2 "Voyevoda" or SS-18 Satan III

Despite the fact that the most powerful weapons in the world are weapons of mass destruction, let's turn our attention to the "private sector". Here, perhaps, the McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifles can be considered the most effective. It was with the help of them that the most record-breaking shots in terms of range were fired, exceeding the mark of 2300 meters. Moreover, more than once.

McMillan TAC-50

Adding to the list of the most powerful weapons, the well-known Desert Eagle cannot be ignored. This pistol has become just a classic thanks to the action movies. It has tremendous destructive and stopping power against unprotected targets, but in fact, except for its size, unfortunately, it is not able to surprise you with anything.

However, despite the above, the Death Star can be considered the undisputed leader in terms of the most destructive weapons. After all, as any Star Wars fan knows, she can shatter the planet into billions of pieces in a matter of seconds. So let's hope that humanity will never have to create its real embodiment.

And may the force be with you!