Panasonic's weird gadget helps office workers stay focused on work

As practice shows, employees of modern offices constantly have many factors that distract them from performing their duties. Panasonic has unveiled a high-tech device designed to solve this problem - and it is somewhat reminiscent of classic blinders. It limits the user's peripheral vision, helping to focus on work.

The concept was named Wear Space. The device consists of a fabric screen that surrounds the back and temporal parts of the head and limits peripheral vision by 60%. In addition, Wear Space integrates noise canceling headphones through which music of the user's choice can be streamed. The device is charged via USB and can operate on battery power for up to 20 hours.

It is worth clarifying that the Wear Space prototype was developed for Panasonic by the Future of Life design studio. The starter version was unveiled in March at SXSW's traditional annual event, a series of music, film, media festivals and conferences in Austin, Texas.

Wear Space is currently available for pre-order for $ 250.