NATO Secretary General calls for "greener" tanks with solar panels

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the armies of the states of the world are a major source of harmful emissions, while also proposing to equip tanks ... with solar panels to reduce their consumption of carbon fuel. According to Stoltenberg, this will be beneficial both from the point of view of ecology and military logistics.

According to The National, during a recent online conference on the prospects for military and trade cooperation, the NATO secretary general suggested that the countries of the coalition find ways to make their military operations more "green".

At the same time, a simple reduction in the number of tanks will not solve the problem: modern tanks and warships consume too much fossil fuel. The way out of this situation is to use alternative fuels, solar panels and other modern technologies.

In addition to environmental benefits, according to Stoltenberg, "ecotanks" will be less dependent on fuel, as a result of which the logistics task of its continuous supply will become less pressing.