Singer Akon launches construction of his own crypto city in Senegal

On January 13, 2020, Senegal-American pop singer Akon announced that he would soon begin building his own 2, 000-acre city in Senegal. The city will be built next to the capital of the state, Dakar, on a site donated to Akon by President Maki Sall.

The most intriguing part of the project is that the city of Akon City will use its own cryptocurrency AKoin. The goal of the organizers is to test whether digital cryptocurrency can be introduced into the life of modern Africa.

Akon City will be built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. When completed (presumably 10 years from now), it will become the first LEED-certified city in Africa. Since it is conceived as a tourist attraction, Senegal's state travel agency SAPCO is co-organizing the project with Akon.

The name of the designer who will develop the Akon City project has not yet been announced. But the available sketches already suggest what the future city will look like. At its center will be two connected towers, reminiscent of the recent work of Zaha Hadid's studio in Beijing. In addition to the towers, this place will house a man-made lake and a terrace for walking. There are very few exact details about the structure of the city, but it is already known that it will have both residential and commercial zones.

Akon City will be located just five minutes from the new Senegal International Airport, which opened in 2017. The project is divided into several stages, the development of the second phase will begin in 2025.