China is building a colossal "horizontal skyscraper"

The new architectural object, which is currently being erected in the largest Chinese city of Chongqing, is unofficially called the "sky bridge" or "lying skyscraper." It is a separate structure with its own name "Conservatory", which rests on four pillars and docks with two more giant towers. There are eight of them in the project.

The developer is CapitaLand, which, using the example of the Conservatory, implements the concept of buildings of the "ecological" LEED Gold standard. They have autonomous energy-saving heating, ventilation, irrigation and sewerage systems and are built from recycled materials.

The cylinder of the Conservatory is 300 m long and will be erected at a height of 250 m, with additional support on two parallel 350-m towers. All objects in this ensemble are residential, multifunctional, they will house offices, shopping centers, apartments, observation decks, winter gardens, concert halls, etc. The Conservatory itself will have a vast green area with ponds and plants.

The base of the horizontal skyscraper is a steel frame weighing 12, 000 tons, on which 3, 200 glass fragments and 4, 800 aluminum panels will be fixed. According to the plan, the bulky structure was divided into nine segments, which, with the help of cable jacks, will be lifted up in turn. The process is proceeding very quickly and the steel frame will be fully assembled by mid-2018, and the miracle of architecture will open to the general public in 2019.