Nikola Tesla's theory of wireless power transmission is reborn

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest visionaries of the early 20th century. His contribution to the development of AC power systems is difficult to underestimate - we still use them today. However, Tesla's other goal was to find a way to transmit electrical energy without wires. His plans were to build a huge tower to demonstrate the capabilities of the transatlantic transmission of wireless energy, but the tower was never completed. Now a group of Russian engineers are going to complete Tesla's work and build a working prototype of the system.

Graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Leonid and Sergei Plekhanov spent more than one year studying Tesla's works and patents. Now they are convinced that the famous physicist was on the verge of discovery, and the project of many kilometers of wireless transmission of electricity can really exist.

As a first step, the inventors plan to create a modern version of the Wardenclyffe Tower (the so-called tower that Tesla never completed) with a height of 30 meters. To do this, the Plekhanovs are looking for funding on the IndieGogo crowdfunding site. To start the project, physicists need to collect 800, 000 dollars.

According to the calculations of the Plekhanov brothers, only 100 thousand square kilometers of solar panels are needed to meet the electricity demand of the whole world. It could be just one solar farm, made up of solar panels, with sides about 300 kilometers long. The problem lies only in the transmission of energy from solar sites to points of consumption of electricity. Tesla's power transmission system could solve this problem.