What will buildings look like in 30 years?

Futurologists all over the world do not stop practicing forecasts for the near future of our civilization. Moreover, their assessments are sometimes directly opposite - from the triumph of unprecedented technologies to their complete degradation, right up to the return to writing with pen and paper. However, such forecasts are in the minority.

Most recently, a forecast for 2045 was made, which involved artificial intelligence, robotics and futurists from Australian universities, and experts from Hewden in the UK.

According to one of the project participants, futurologist Ian Pearson, in 30 years, buildings equipped with artificial intelligence will acquire the ability to communicate with people. Thanks to special sensors located in all corners of buildings, they themselves will make decisions about the modes of operation of life support systems without human intervention.

The buildings will be constructed from translucent plastics and reshaping materials, which will enable them to repair the defects themselves. Construction equipment will radically change. She, according to futurologists, will be an exoskeleton - a combination of man and machine.

The buildings will get taller and more than a mile in height. Inside, they will be equipped with vertical and horizontal elevators moving by magnetic levitation. The windows in these buildings will be replaced with virtual augmented reality screens, which will allow their residents to choose both the real view outside the window and any other favorite landscape.