Artificial intelligence will surpass humans in 45 years

It will take less than 50 years for artificial intelligence to surpass human intelligence. In the next 10 years, AI will leave us behind in translating into other languages, driving and even writing school essays, and by 2049 cars will start writing best-selling books.

This is a disappointing conclusion for us, came from researchers at Oxford and Yale Universities after a survey of 352 experts in the field of machine learning, which looked at the prospects for AI in the coming decades.

The research results are as follows. By 2024, cars will surpass us in the profession of a translator, by 2025 they will write better school essays, by 2026 they will master driving a truck, by 2031 they will become a seller in a retail trade.

In 2049, the first "machine" bestseller may be released, and in 2052, robots with AI will begin to perform surgical operations. And now the saddest thing: in 120 years, there may come a time when AI machines will leave us unemployed.