3Doodler 3D printing pen gets a professional upgrade

3Doodler has renewed its lineup with the release of the new Pro Plus pen. The main goal of the developers is to get rid of associations with toys, entertainment, change the image of a 3D printing pen and present it as a professional tool. At the same time, the essence and purpose have not changed - with the help of a pen, you can still create three-dimensional shapes, only now new techniques have appeared at the disposal of designers.

Those who are familiar with the previous model will immediately notice that the 3Doodler Pro Plus has become almost half the size. Largely due to the abandonment of physical mode switches in favor of a touchscreen with settings. There are seven printing speeds, you can choose from ten temperature modes, the set includes six types of nozzles for the formation of different types of fibers. The back of the handle is magnetically attached for quick access to internal mechanisms.

One of the innovations is the ability to print from mixed raw materials using various natural materials. For example, wood, copper, bronze - pre-processed and prepared fibers are combined with filament to maintain the convenience of the 3D printing process. The resulting product will look and feel like wood or metal, although the proportion of these materials in it is not so great. A competent professional will find this option to be used to repair various items or create a wide range of decorative items.