What will people look like in the future?

The Canadian company Asap Science has published its hypothetical forecast for human evolution in 1000 years.

Climate change and the development of artificial intelligence will become one of the most important factors for a possible mutation. So, according to scientists, global warming will make the skin darker and the eyes red.

Advances in nanorobotics will lead to the creation of tiny robots that will integrate into the human body, which will ultimately lead to a change in natural human physiology and its gradual transformation into a biomachine.

There will be such a profession as baby designer. Their job is to raise intelligent, attractive and physically healthy people. However, scientists have certain concerns about the widespread genetic similarity and the lack of human diversity, which could lead to the death of the human race from some new terrible disease.

A specialist in computational genomics at the University of Washington, Dr. Alan Kwan, believes that the human body and the shape of his face will change. The forecast covers a period of 100 thousand years. People will become slimmer and taller, which will better dissipate excess heat. In his opinion, by that time, a person's appearance will be determined by his tastes.

As a person's brain continues to grow, his forehead and eyes will expand. By 2050, with the development of fundamentally new technologies, a new type of people will appear on Earth, who will be able to live much longer than we do. They will learn to control the biological clock and regulate the course of time until it stops for a short time.