Smart cosmetics allow you to change your makeup at the touch of a button

Every woman knows that good makeup takes a lot of time and money. But in the near future, a real revolution called "smart cosmetics" may take place in this area. Experts say: there is not long to wait, about 5 years.

Imagine makeup being applied to your face in a matter of seconds. Moreover, this does not require special brushes and other cosmetic devices. The fact is that this is not a simple, but an intellectual make-up, consisting of the smallest particles that are sensitive to an electric field. Just one press of a button on a special remote control or smartphone is enough, as the tonality of the make-up will immediately change in the “right direction”.

Microparticles under the influence of the field will move and rearrange in accordance with a given program. According to futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson, a representative of the Futurizon company, for this a woman will only need to "lay" invisible electrically conductive paths on her face once a month. Thanks to them, the particles will be correctly positioned all over the face, without creating spots and smears typical for traditional cosmetics.

Women will also be able to program their appearance in multiple styles, giving them the ability to change their look throughout the day without the need for re-makeup. In this case, according to Dr. Pearson, "our possibilities are limited only by our imagination."