Dolphins, like humans, have names

Scottish scientists have made a sensational discovery. It turns out that dolphins, like people, call each other by their first names.

In an article published by researchers from Scotland on the pages of the popular scientific publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is said that each dolphin has its own unique name, by which its relatives refer to it. This discovery was made while studying the life of a small group of dolphins.

According to experts, dolphins, when meeting each other, exchange sounds that look like clicks. Each dolphin, as it turned out, has its own set of sounds, by which it is recognized. Moreover, the animals reacted to the sounds-names that were recorded earlier.

It is noted that the clicks of the dolphins determine who they belong to - members of their group or "outsiders".

By the way, earlier experts found out that dolphins "call" objects with certain sounds, as we describe them in words.