Space environment created in the laboratory of Tomsk Polytechnic University

It's no secret that outer space is an extremely hostile environment for humans. In addition to vacuum and weightlessness, the astronauts are bombarded by solar radiation, extreme cold and the same heat. Space technology is also experiencing similar effects.

Currently existing devices are capable of simulating only individual effects. The development of Tomsk scientists will make it possible to create space conditions in the complex. The main experiments will be carried out on a vacuum generating facility. With its help, developers of new space technology will be able, in particular, to test the strength of protective coatings, their resistance to several types of external influences.

The setup consists of three sections - loading samples, external influences and optical measurements. In the compartment for external influences, prototypes are exposed to solar radiation, irradiation with protons, electrons and thermal effects.

In the third compartment, the coefficient of absorption of solar radiation by the object is measured. At present, scientists are busy assembling the entire set of equipment and preparing it for the first tests.