Transparent watch HM9 Sapphire Vision offers to admire the work of the most complex movement

The concept laboratory MB&F (Maximilian Büsser & Friends), created in Switzerland in 2005, united the best independent professional watchmakers to develop unique movements, presented a limited edition of Horological Machine No. 9 (HM9) called "Sapphire Vision".

The previous model, the Hm9 Flow, was introduced in 2018. The first thing that catches your eye is an unusual body, repeating the lines of classic cars and aircraft of the 40-50s. But for all their elegance and uniqueness, the developers were left with a feeling of dissatisfaction with the fact that the titanium case hid the mechanism, which, according to the founder of MB&F Maximilian Büsser, is “the most beautiful we have created”.

Sapphire Vision eliminated this "drawback" - the titanium case was replaced with a sapphire crystal. However, it should be clarified - despite its natural hardness, sapphire nevertheless cracks from strong mechanical influences, in which the metal is only slightly deformed.

The solution was found - sapphire crystals were subjected to a special 350-hour processing and polishing. Three sapphire fragments were fused together with a metal frame using a vacuum and thermal process, after which they were sealed with a special bonding compound. The result is a 52-piece water-resistant case that can withstand pressures up to three atmospheres, which equates to a 30-meter submersion.

However, the ability to see the working miracle mechanism is not the most important thing. In addition, the owner of the watch will be able to admire 52 precious stones, 301 details, a manual winding movement designed for 45 hours of operation, two independent balancing wheels operating at a frequency of 2.44 Hz.

In addition, the watch is equipped with double spherical tourbillons, the movement of which is damped by the springs between the movement and the case. Lasers were used to make them: the springs were cut from solid stainless steel tubes.

Hm9 Sapphire Vision is released in a limited edition of four models of five pieces each. Two of them are crafted in 18K red gold with black NAC-plated or blue PVD-plated movements. The other two versions are framed in 18K white gold with a purple PVD coating or a red gold plated movement. All watches come with crocodile leather straps with a gold buckle in red or white. The price of each Hm9 Sapphire Vision is $ 440, 000.