Qualcomm creates a wireless road that charges electric vehicles on the go

Obviously, electric vehicles will soon make up a significant part of vehicles. Alas, so far their capabilities are limited by the battery life and a very modest network of charging stations, even in developed countries. One of the options for solving these problems may be roads with a wireless charging system.

The renowned wireless communications manufacturer Qualcomm, an American company, has completed an experimental 100-meter stretch of road that enables wireless charging of cars, even at high speeds. The presentation of the autodrome took place last week. And just a few days before that, similar tests had taken place in France.

Previously, the company's engineers developed a device for charging cars in a parking lot - Halo charging pads. They developed the technology by linking multiple wireless chargers in one chain.

The purpose of the test is to demonstrate the ability to recharge electric vehicles on the go. The demonstration was attended by 2 Renault vehicles adapted for inductive charging from the road surface. While driving, each car was supplied with 20 kW of electricity, which is almost identical to the power at most UK charging points - 22 kW.

The main results of the tests: firstly, the possibility of wireless charging at speeds up to 100 km / h was proved, which is quite consistent with the speed limit on most highways, and, secondly, the speed of vehicles does not affect the charging speed.