How to forget how to ride a bike?

Anyone from 5-6 years old can learn to ride a bike. The human brain is capable at any stage of life to form new motor skills that remain forever, unless serious injury or illness breaks the connections created. When asked how to forget how to ride a bicycle, scientists give the following answer: if a person is healthy, and the equipment is in good order, then nothing.

Can the brain be tricked?

If you run an experiment and remake the bike, what will happen to the skill of riding it? A similar experience was conducted by the inquisitive engineer Destin. He redesigned the steering wheel so that when it turned in one direction, the wheel turned in the other. No one could ride such a vehicle, except for its creator, who learned this after 8 months of painful training. Painful, first of all, for his brain, in which all the previously created neural circuits responsible for making a turn collapsed. In their place, with great difficulty, new ones rose to ensure the correct turn on the "inverted" bicycle.

The experimenter's six-year-old son learned to ride such a vehicle in just two weeks. A child's brain is much more flexible and more mobile than an adult, it can be “deceived” much faster. If you remake the bike again into its former form, then it will again be a new vehicle. This means that the riding skill will again undergo a restructuring, and again it will take time.

Cycling - motor skill

A motor skill is a complex of those movements of the human body that ensure the performance of a specific task and are brought to automatism. Motor skills are acquired gradually throughout life, as the brain is ready to form more and more complex interneuronal connections.

If a person does not suffer from diseases in which interneuronal connections are damaged in the brain tissue, and if the vehicle remains unchanged, then it is impossible to forget how to ride a bicycle. However, if you "trick" the brain and retrain a person to ride a converted bicycle, he will no longer be able to control an ordinary one - until he retrained again.