The Orwell facial recognition system is being massively introduced in Russian schools

Vedomosti reported that a new face recognition system will be installed in all schools in Russia, which has received the eloquent name "Orwell". According to the authors, the system will protect children, observing their every move and tracking unauthorized persons who manage to enter the school grounds.

The platform recognizes targets using video from surveillance cameras and thermal images. For this, special algorithms are used, developed by Elvis-Neotech (controlled by Rusnano). The company representative assured that parents and their children will be added to the system database only with their consent. At the same time, the base of each school will be stored on a local server to prevent the risk of hacking.

In the future, this technology will also be used to track attendance, support distance learning and monitor school staff, Vedomosti reports. According to reports, Orwell has already been installed in 1, 608 schools, with 43, 000 more by the end of the project.

News of this new surveillance system came against the backdrop of another, truly Orwellian drama that took place at Vedomosti itself. All five deputy chief editors left the newspaper last week. They resigned of their own free will in protest against the censorship introduced by the new editor-in-chief of the publication, Andrei Shmarov.

Deputy editors-in-chief accused Shmarov of banning criticism of the constitutional amendments proposed by Vladimir Putin, as well as of hiding the results of polls that displease the Kremlin. In addition, according to them, Shmarov actively intervened in the investigation of the work of Rosneft, which is controlled by Igor Sechin, loyal to Putin.