The Weather Group aims to turn the weather forecast into an entertaining show

The American television company The Weather Group has announced a joint project with The Future studio to create an interactive TV show of a new format. It was based on the traditional weather forecast, which is going to be turned into mixed reality using the Unreal Engine. The screenshots of the future project are impressive.

Michael Potts, vice president of Design for the Weather Group, described the innovation as follows. “In our episodes, we will combine panoramic Full HD video with elements of augmented reality to get a real-time look inside the natural disasters taking place.” But what is there - if technical capabilities are available, the viewer himself will be "transported" to the center of a flood or hurricane, and a professional presenter from the studio will give him an excursion, providing additional information.

For such a task, they are going to use the Frontier software package, built on the Unreal Engine by Future Group. Investment in exchange for technology - for the first time in history, software is being modernized to work with meteorological data in the format of a three-dimensional digital spectacle.

Pictures from the announcement look tempting and experts do not question the reality of the idea. In the current version, Unreal Engine allows you to create a picture that is visually indistinguishable from a real video.