Sony's spatial reality display creates amazing holograms

Another novelty from Sony is the Spatial Reality Display, first unveiled at CES 2020 as the "Eye-Sensing Light Field Display." Its current name is SR Display. True, not all lovers of holographic content can afford such a device - its price is $ 5, 000.

SR Display consists of a 15.6-inch 4K LCD that is complemented by a high-speed eye-tracking video sensor and a very thin, finely tuned micro-optic lens that delivers extremely high image clarity. It also "distributes" the screen between the right and left eyes, forming a stereo image from two separate 2K images.

Unfortunately, the holograms created by SR Display are limited to 13x6x5 inches. Larger objects will appear clipped at the edges. If you get too close or deviate from the screen in any direction, the camera will not be able to track the user's eye movements and the 3D effect will simply disappear. At the same time, only one person can see the holographic image.

To use SR Display, you need a powerful PC to handle the complex real-time holographic imaging algorithm.

According to Sony, Volkswagen, representatives of the film industry, in particular Ghost Corps, as well as "one of the world's largest architectural firms" have already shown interest in SR Display. The device will go on sale in November.